13 Tricks to Looking More Photogenic

Every time I open up Instagram, I see a perfectly positioned model or influencer showing off their outfit. And without fail, I assume that said the seemingly perfect photo was effortless to capture. I always take it for granted that the person in the photo is naturally photogenic (and that if I’m not naturally photogenic, I’d never be able to pull off the same photo). But guess what? That couldn’t be farther from the truth. Anyone who frequently has their photo taken just knows what works for them, mostly from trial and error. For Instagram’s director of fashion partnerships Eva Chen, it’s her Baby Giraffe pose while the Barbie Feet pose is a favorite among celebs and models everywhere. It’s no big secret how to produce an amazing outfit photo; it just comes down to knowing your angles.

Obviously, everyone has a different angle that works best for them, but try the following tips and you’ll realize that the perfect outfit photo is just a matter of strategy. From paying attention to camera angles to strategically positioning your body, we’re sharing our top tricks and never worry about how to look more photogenic again. If you’re ready to up your Instagram game, look no further.

1.  Vertical stripes will always elongate your figure. 
2.  Try any jacket that’s belted to highlight your figure.
3.  The draped fabric will hang so nicely on your hips.
4.  No one does a wrap dress quite like Réalisation.
5.  When in doubt, a wrap top will always be a flattering choice.
6.  Always invest in black jeans.
7.  This makes wearing black feel anything but boring.
8.  This cut is supremely flattering.

With these insider tricks in mind, go ahead and show off to all your Instagram followers.

Opening Image: @ada_oguntodu

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