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12 Purses That Look 10 Times Their Price

TBH, I could have swapped the 10 in the headline for a 20 without sacrificing accuracy, but I didn’t want to sound like a drama queen—but it’s true! At $35 and under, the latest crop of Who What Wear collection bags literally look like they cost 20 times their prices, and they garner the compliments…

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13 Tricks to Looking More Photogenic

Every time I open up Instagram, I see a perfectly positioned model or influencer showing off their outfit. And without fail, I assume that said the seemingly perfect photo was effortless to capture. I always take it for granted that the person in the photo is naturally photogenic (and that if I’m not naturally photogenic, I’d never be…

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The Dress To Beat The Summer Heat

You know it’s hot outside when the weather makes the national news. Over the weekend I got a text from my cousin, who said he’d heard about L.A.’s heatwave and that it was hotter in SoCal than where he lived in Atlanta. With the heatwave hitting both coasts (and even the U.K. last week), my mind went…

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The Summer Skirt-and-Top Combinations to Wear

It’s no secret that skirts are up there with printed dresses as a key buy this summer. From Topshop and Zara and up, versatile midis, beach vacation minis, and summery maxi skirts are everywhere. But while dresses pretty much take care of themselves—just add shoes, accessories if you’re so inclined, and you’re good to go—skirt outfit combos take…

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The Slow Fashion Movement by Kat Collins, Editor-In-Chief Who What Wear

Newsflash: It’s July. If you’re like me, you’re slightly confused about how the first half of the year went by so quickly. Which is why I figured it’s the perfect time to slow down, take stock of where our wardrobes are and where we want them to be through the lens of slow fashion. What…

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