Be My Valentine: forget red, go green!

Legion says that the remains of the great St. Valentine have laid in the Ireland city of Dublin since 1825.  St Valentine was the Roman Priest that went against the laws of cruel Emperor Claudius II.  The Emperor actually forbade marriages and engagements in Rome.  This was a crime which was punishable by death but St Valentine secretly performed nuptials for young couples in love.

We often associate red roses, heart shaped candy boxes and love notes to the Valentine’s Day holiday.  But, it sounds as though green is the way to go when celebrating the historic meaning of Valentines Day.  So in honor of St Valentine’s efforts to keep love alive, we are introducing the color green during the month of February.

Green is a preventive color because its very familiar.  We see it all around us in our natural environments.  It’s mental and physical affects are soothing, relaxing, reduces anxiety and provides a sense of renewal.  Truly, this must be an association to love!
How to get the look:

Create your look by adding green to you wardrobe in February, not only is it the season’s trending color but it supports the idea of keeping love alive.   Consider adding the color through fashion wardrobe staple items like a green bodycon dress, green scarf, green jewelry, green Leather skirt, green bag, green legging or skinny jean.