Fashion Inspirations

Just like an artist painting on a canvas or a actor embodying a character, fashion is inspired!

Fashion’s inspirations can appear from the levels and textures of mountains against a cloud covered soft skyline to the waves that roar within the oceans and pebbled sands. But, how do we target those fashion inspirations that create our personal style?  This year’s fall looks on the catwalk are full of texture and display an artistic fashion inspiration from the designers.

Textures and fabrics are our most intrigue influences. What textures fits your personality? What fabrics best suit your body and form? Whether natural or man-made, fabrics sometimes do not waiver the decision to purchase a garment. It is style and preference that is more prominent. Your visual inspirations may be very modern buildings of metal and steel. Therefore, your style is more abstract and whimsical.

Colors should always be a vital influence. It can either help or hinder the overall look. You have seen the style comparisons of those two celebrities that are caught wearing the same or similar designer outfit. “Who looks best”? Believe it or not, color could influence that decision. Your environment may be filled with neutral tones so your visual inspirations lean towards earth tones, browns, or blues.

Fit is another influence to inspiration. You can sometimes connect this to the weather. Your environment maybe warm and breezy. So, you wear more light fabrics that are free-flowing rather than form-fitting pieces that cling to the body.

For many years, designers have used these elements to create fashion lines. Preference and surrounding inspirations actually do help you create your personal style. Texture, fabric, color and fit can be seen all around you. Explore your fashion inspirations, this just might be your new look for the fall.