How to Wear a Crop Top and Not Show Your Belly Button

My MO with crop tops, which I wear on the regular, has always been to hide my midriff. In fact, the practice is so common that I was actually surprised to learn that the technique behind it isn’t quite common knowledge. So, after polling the office and learning that not everyone is fluent in how to pull off the tiny top without baring it all, I figured it was time to share my easy trick.

While shorter tops and bra-inspired styles are great and all, if you’re less into the idea of showing a ton of stomach, all you need to do is choose tops that are still short, but on the slightly longer end of the crop-top spectrum, and pair them with high-waisted bottoms.

Nonetheless, whether that means trousers, jeans, paper-bag pants, or anything else is up to you. Simply choose a rise that is high enough on your body to meet your top where it ends, or close to it. My trick for this when shopping online is to compare the rise listed on the product’s page to a pair of pants I already own and know the fit of. That way, I can guess around how high or low they will sit on my waist.

So, if you’re ready to crop-top it up everywhere and anywhere, continue on to shop some of my favorite longer versions, plus the best high-rise bottoms to pair them with.

Diane Von Furstenberg Short-Sleeve Pintuck Cropped Blouse

Crop tops gives you the opportunity to blend by mixing and matching fabrics, colors and textures.

If you don’t opt for the matching skirt, we suggest some colorful pants. 
These belted trousers are already a hit in WWW HQ. Ultra high means these will let you cover your whole stomach with most tops.  I am obsessed with these super-high-waisted pants.

This color will look good with jeans and any neutral pants.
This versatile wrap top can go dressy or casual depending on what bottoms you choose. Available in sizes 0 to 14.
I’d suggest a top on the tighter side to tuck into these paper-bag-style pants. Or pick a top that has fun accents and the trending ruffle.

Katya Dobryakova Sharp Zigzag Ornament Crop Shirt
Once you see this top in action, you’ll have to have it.   This tie at the waist can be dressed up or down.

River Island Womens Red stripe tie front cropped shirt

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