Recreating Style After 40

The  most challenging thing to getting older is changing your style to match the changes that your body will also make as you continue to age.  So here are a few tips to help sustain your style and sanity.

  1.  Stay true to your body type.  Learn everything you can about your body type.  Know your measurements!  This will be so important to finding that perfect fit.  Don’t steer away from having peices tailored if needed.
  2. Mix things up!  If you want to add a little wow to a look, try staying away from matchy-matchy.  Convert one item to something that is completely opposite from the other.  You can always tie together the look with an accessory or shoes.
  3. Buy for longevity.  Fabric is the most important tell-all when it comes to cheap or expensive.  As we get older, we want comfortable, breathable fabrics.  Take time to find those fabrics that are not only comfortable but also bring a certain quality to your look.  These are always those staples that should be in your closet.
  4. I read this type in another blog post….. look at your body as a canvas, balance it with either or a tight peice but not both.  Either wear a tight top or a tight bottom but not both togehter.   This is a great tip!  I’ve noticed that when I wear a tight top and full, aline skirt…. I look more polished and balanced.
  5. Designer/Non-Designer.  It is okay to mix designer peices with non-designer peices.  You do not need to be a walking billboard for one designer.  Of course combining the two may take some planning and skill but it is not difficult to master the technique.