Sorry, Skinny Jeans—This Denim Trend Is Winning Right Now

Okay, let’s get this out of the way right off the bat—despite their polarizing nature, skinny jeans will never really go “out.” Whether you love or loathe them, the silhouette is more or less a staple at this point. That said, there are often styles that crop up that give skinnies a run for their money. To spot the latest denim trend, we tend to look to our favorite fashion girls on Instagram to inform our next jean purchases. While not necessarily “new,” there’s one pair of jeans we’ve been spotting at the top of the IG feeds—cropped straight-leg jeans.

We’ve seen this denim style make waves through the fashion universe for seasons now, and it appears the forward look isn’t going away anytime soon because they really do add a cool, laid-back twist to any ensemble. At present, the fashion elite is pairing their cropped straight-leg jeans with statement coats and boots, chunky sweaters and heels, and everything in-between.

If you’re ready to give your skinnies a break, keep scrolling to check out how fashion people are wearing their straight-leg jeans now. Plus, shop my favorite styles as well.


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