Sweaters Get Graphic

A fun, personality projecting fashion trend taking the runways and fashionistas by storm, the graphic sweaterGraphic sweaters are the new tee shirt.  They are pair with jeans, pants, skirts for any occasion.  A good way to draw attention to something you love is to show it on your sweater.  Graphic sweaters that include animals, flowers, shapes, prints, words and landscapes are popping up all over the fashion scene.  This is truly a fun way to add corky, eccentric  flare to any outfit.

This is a fashion trend first seen in Japan many years ago with the introduction of Hello Kitty merchandise.  The trend has thus expanded from the world’s favorite cute kitty to almost every graphics you can think up.

How to get the look:


The best word of advice is to NOT match the graphic colors with the pieces  worn with the sweater.  Explore mixing colors, textures and patterns.  I’ve paired a cute little animal graphic sweater, in this season’s emerald green, with a pair of gray rider boots,  a gray/black striped scarf,  floral cross-body satchel and purple graphic watch which pulls the look together.  A perfect casual look for daytime shopping sprees.