The Dazzling Emmys After-Party Outfits You Didn’t See

The 2019 Emmys have come and gone, leaving a slew of amazing red carpet looks in its wake. At the ceremony, we couldn’t help but notice that one color combo totally dominated the red carpet—no less than five ladies interpreted the trend in their own unique ways. Meanwhile, Kendall Jenner’s latex Richard Quinn look was another major talking point of the night and was definitely a risk that paid off. However, the outfits certainly didn’t stop at the ceremony—photos of A+ looks continued to pour in during the after-party circuit.

The Emmys after-parties always offer stellar red carpet looks in a more laidback setting, which often means there are both risque and risk-taking looks that can easily outshine the main ceremony. Below, we’ve rounded up our favorite Emmys after-party outfits of the night.

WHO: Sophie TurnerWHAT: Attending the HBO after-party
WHO: Regina KingWHAT: Attending the HBO after-party
WHO: ZendayaWHAT: Attending the HBO after-party
WHO: Maude ApatowWHAT: Attending the HBO after-party
WHO: Whitney PortWHAT: Attending the Amazon Originals after-party
WHO: Yvonne OrjiWHAT: Attending the HBO after-party
WHO: Heidi KlumWHAT: Attending the HBO after-party
WHO: Malin AkermannWHAT: Attending the HBO after-party
WHO: Ariel WinterWHAT: Attending the Hulu after-party
WHO: Lena WaitheWHAT: Attending the Amazon Originals after-party
WHO: Natasha RothwellWHAT: Attending the HBO after-party
WHO: Jane LynchWHAT: Attending the HBO after-party
WHO: Zolee GriggsWHAT: Attending the Amazon Originals after-party
WHO: RettaWHAT: Attending the HBO after-party
WHO: Vanessa BayerWHAT: Attending the Amazon Originals after-party

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