The Dress To Beat The Summer Heat

You know it’s hot outside when the weather makes the national news. With the heatwave hitting coast to coast, my mind went to two things: how can I do the least amount of activity, and what should I wear?

The answer was a casual summer dress that is cotton and breathable. The right kind of summer dress can get you through the sweltering weekend, and I have a feeling I’ll be wearing them for the rest of summer. The maxi isn’t your typical skimpy dress to beat the heat, but the breezy, non-clingy cotton fabric made it my ideal dress. I’ve also added shorter lengthed dresses that provide the same comfort when your trying to beat the heat.

These looks are paired with the style essentials, a straw style hat to shade the face, sunglasses to protect the eyes and a trendy bambo bag to store all the heat fitting products, and strappy, flat sandals that compliment a long, lean look.

Scroll down to see some of my favorites and shop similar dresses for yourself.




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