The Go-To Turtleneck Trends

The groundhog saw its shadow, which means we will have 6 more weeks of winter and that many more days to capitalize on our fashion staples.  The basic turtleneck is a wardrobe must-have, from sweaters to knits… you can’t go wrong. 


Turtlenecks make you feel secure — physically, emotionally, mentally as well as look good on everyone.  We all know the Rock wore one with a silver chain and that Drake likes to dance in them, and that both of these men were flaunty their obvious security in their fashion choice. But at this point, I simply cannot imagine wearing something else in the winter months.” Because my closet could never not use an added turtleneck to the roster (it’s been an unseasonably chilly week here in the South!)

My first turtleneck buy is the basic black.  It can be worn with literally anything.  It will level up your wardrobe to a clean and chic look.


“Let’s start with the basics. I have about five of these and wear them with pretty much every outfit. They’re super thin and soft and are great for wearing underneath sweaters and button-up shirts. They keep me warm, but they’re also almost like a safety blanket at this point; I feel naked without my Heattech!”– Emilia


“Norma Kamali has been doing her thing since the ‘80s, but her stretchy, comfortable, cozy clothes have had (another) Renaissance during the pandemic. This turtle-jumpsuit looks like a second skin.”


And, when your turtleneck collection grows, add fun colors and textures for a whole new look.


“Here’s what I call a first date turtleneck. I think the key to a good first date turtleneck is that it’s sheer, but not too sheer. This Helmut Lang top is extra sexy because, well, velvet!”


“All I want in life is a black turtleneck by the Row. I can’t believe how good of a deal this is… I might have to buy it for myself.”


“Black turtlenecks get all the credit, but as Laia Garcia wrote in her ode to white turtlenecks, loving them too much is boring, even cliché. Let a white turt into your life.”


The turtleneck sweater dress!  A beautiful trend.


“Thankfully, every year brings new and exciting turtlenecks for me to lust after. So I can say with complete certainty that I will never, ever get bored of them.”










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