The Only Makeup Products Needed When Working From Home

As a remote employee, I’ve been working from home duing the COVID-19 pandemic.  Some WFH trick, always wear makeup, it will help you keep a morning routine.  It could be a myth but if it removes the monotoious caravan of task become more productive and purposeful, I would rather do it, if only for my sanity.  Many WFH routines can only take up 10 minutes of your time.  Without that morning commute… you’ll still be able to sleep in.

Nonetheless, steer clear of heavy makeup and stick to only natural products that allow my skin to glow as opposed to masking it. Don’t bother with a lot of gadgets and tools, using clean fingers speeds up the process. For a glowy and easy to apply tinted moisturizer, I recommend NARS Pure Radiant Tinted Moisturizer with sunscreen.

Tinted moisturizer is my friend. I’ve tried plenty of different ones, but this is my favorite, as it provides just a bit more coverage than most and stays on all day.
I don’t get as much sleep as I should, but this concealer makes me look like I got eight hours. It blends beautifully and melts into your skin.
I love a dewy glow but not a shiny glow. A thin layer of this powder does the trick, as it’s perfectly sheer.
Cream blush is my favorite for working from home. It’s much more natural than powder, and I find that this one doubles as highlighter because it stays dewy.
This is the eye shadow I use as my base layer every single day. It neutralizes the redness and is also great on its own as it has a soft shimmer.
A wash of this pretty shimmer over the lids is the only other thing I apply. It miraculously never creases. It’s the best cream eye shadow on the market, hands down.
Glossier’s signature mascara gets a lot of hype, and it’s all justified. It helps lashes hold a curl and provides natural length. 
When it comes to brows, I always try to avoid obvious pencil marks. This hard, waxy formula blends right in, so no one will know. Guess that’s why it has 2.5K reviews and almost five stars on Nordstrom.
I love full, natural brows, and this Hourglass gel amps them up the perfect amount. The two-sided brush is genius and never deposits too much of the gel.
I can’t stand the feeling of lipstick or gloss when I’m working from home, but I like moisture and a hint of sheer color. I’m obsessed with this dusty-rose balm, which provides both.
This is one of those beauty products I’ve bought multiple times over the years. It stays on for hours and looks good on everyone, as it reacts to your chemistry. It’s truly like your lips but better.

Credit:  Product Descriptions excerpts from previous post.

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