Work Style: Get the Look

Classic, chic, stylish and comfortable!  No matter what your occupation, when over 40 you want to wear looks that are versatile yet stylish….not trendy…..stylish.  Looks that can take you from the office, to the board room or meetings with clients outside of the office.

I remember many years ago working in Crystal City a well-known area of Alexandria, Virginia.  My commute was unbelivabilty long even though I lived just 20 minutes from the job.  The traffic and race to get to work on-time everyday called for strategic transportation choices that changed daily.  One day, I would drive to the local metro station and hop on the train, the next I would fit the traffic and drive.  Either way, I had to be selected in wardrobe choices.  If taking the train, well I had to wear tennis shoes…yes with a professional suit…. to be in racing mode.  I would say that wasn’t for style but more or less for comfort.

Today and at my current age, I have the opportunity to leave the rat race and busy sector to a more reasonable career however, professional dress is not a requirement.  “What?  What do you mean its not a requirement?”  Comfort is the way to go when your job requires you to put in your steps…10,000 plus a day.

So how does this work?  How do I look chic and stylish yet semi professional all at the same time?  I’ve invested in a lot of slacks, cardigans, casual pant suits and blazers.   Add an on trend blouse and 1 inch heels or flats to round off the look.  Color is your friend.  Although I lean towards more common suit colors such as black, blue or gray, adding a pop of color in a cardigan, blouse or shoe can go a long way with style.



And can you believe it…there are causal Friday’s that include jeans.  I normally drop all brain activity on deciding what to wear on Friday’s.  Hey, its a free jean day…. don’t judge me, I am going to take advantage of it.